How to Join

Just click on logo above and click on new athlete.  Or just vist a training sessions and we will be glad to share how our program works to help athletes grow.

Gold Medal Sponsors

Be sure to support our Gold Medal Sponsors who support us and during your vist make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them, Just click on the Proud Supporters

Frequently Asked Questions

like how old must an athlete be to participart? Do I have to know how to play the sport?  

No Cost to Athletes 

or their parents, thanks to the generous donations from our valley, all donations stay locally to support our program. Click donate for more info about our program

Reno or Bust

Our Summer Games are held at the University Nevada Reno

Over the Hump

Pahrump is the last stop for the Flame of Hope as it is carried along Highway 160 by our athletes and Nye Couty Deputies Guardians of the Flame, just click on logo for  more information

Pahrumps Sports Schedule

To learn more about the sports offered here in pahrump, just click on Pahrump above

Pahrumps Medal Count

To learn about the participation in our sports and Medals Earned, Just click on the medals